Thursday, January 11, 2007

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I've created this post in order for it to be a general comment repository. If you have something to say to me, please add a comment to this article and I will answer. You can even subscribe to the Atom comment feed.


Anonymous said...

I was reading another blog, and noticed that you have encountered the same gridview fixed header issue with ie7 that I am currently facing. Did you ever find a solution for the fixed header busting outside of a horizontal scrolling div? If you could post your answer (if you have one), that would be awesome. Thanks!

Siderite said...

Well, I removed the horizontal scroll from the div, left it on the page. So they scroll vertically the div and horizontally the page.

I guess there is a good answer somewhere, but I didn't find it, partly from lack of time. If you find it, let me know, please.

Thanks you for the comment!

Anonymous said...

can you give me the reason why MS team don't resolve the problem of exception sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException
rising with updatepanel in
send us a patch or some solution :)

Parsing causes a problem and i don't imagine ajax performance in your framework without this component.
please we have a lot of project depending on this component and many poeple around the world are posting every day in forum's and no solution.

danezia said...


Ti-am citit cu intarziere mailul pentru ca a ajuns in Spambox-ul de Gmail.

Desigur ca a dat si eroare la reply... asa ca iti scriu aici ca:

as vrea si eu sa vad THX 1138, asa ca daca stii unde, cat si cum... sa imi dai si mie de veste.

Sunt f. interesat sa implementez cautarea pe IMDB!

Cristi Roman said...

Am vazut ca m-ai adaugat la favoriti in Technorati, cu blogul PAPABUN. Mersi!

Vleeptron Dude said...

buna Siderite dude ...

you read and said nice things about a Vleeptron post of mine about the US military experience in the Philippines around 1902.

Here's a new VleeptronZ post about unhappily similar things, first one of my Rants you enjoy, then a very interesting newspaper article:

Hope you enjoy it. Leave A Comment! Vleeptron NEEDS input from Dacia!

baljeet said...

I was waiting for your help in degubbing in .net 2005 issue that i posted to u a few days ago. actualy i tried to contact u through live chat but the control u are using in ur site for live chat is working in IE7 dont know why. I chkd on two three systems.

Siderite said...

The control I use for chat is working on IE7 and IE6, I've used it on both. FF should also work, I would be amazed not to. The thing is that I may not be online, which is only during the day when I am at the office.

Please explain what is the problem again about the debugging and I will help you if at all possible.

baljeet said...

I tried on both FF and IE but its not working at all.Anyways my problem is that i have converted a site from .net framework 1.1 to 2.0
Its not allowing me to edit in debugg mode(i.e. edit and continue). I have also enabled the option from Tools->Options-> Debugging->Edit and Continue. Also everytime i've to rebuild the application when i do some changes in coding part.

dilhan said...

hi, I've read your blog about being a bicycle biker in bucharest(thanks a lot by the way-really helpful) and tried to find MAGELLAN bike shop on web but found out that they turned into a shop called ASSPORT? would you still recommend them or did they just became one of those chain shops aka not user-friendly at all? Thanks!

Siderite said...

I went to the shop near Baicului and they are still good. They are very crowded during the weekends and are not so keen on giving a nice service, but once they notice you, they do professional and helpful work

The IT Being said...

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