Monday, January 15, 2007

Sonic pollution and ear plugs...

A couple of weeks ago I bought myself some ear plugs, the kind that you stick into your ears, they expand like a sponge, and filter all but the loudest or low frequency sounds. At the time I was half ashamed of my reasons for buying it; first of all I planned to use them in bed, when I wanted to read and my wife wanted to browse the TV channels; second of all I wanted to filter out chit-chatting women and teensters from the tramway or buses. Yeah, I know, I sound like a grumpy old man, and that was the reason I was half ashamed of doing this.

However, now, after testing this new gadget and finding new applications every day, I am happy I made the purchase. I can read on my way to work in total silence, even with people talking and laughing as hard as they can in order for others to notice them, or people listening to music so loud on their headphones that you can't escape the sound even if moving further away. These babies even filter out the manele ring tones, spat out loudly by the latest model of cell phone.

Today I was especially glad I had my plugs on, since I boarded a bus that had the radio on. Pop music, silly monotone dance rhythms, loud and useless commercials that are even more spammy than spam email for the single reason you can't close your ears... they all went away. I now have that smug feeling of superiority about my ear plugs as I have about TV after getting Internet broadband and only downloading what I want and refusing to gulp all the idiotic programming the popular stations feed us.

Ear plugs rock!


danezia said...

In an strange coincidence, recently I also had the idea to buy some earplugs. And believe me, I feel really ashamed that I didn't consider this possibility before!

When those things expand, the world gets almost silent. So say goodbye to the computer-coolers hooooming in the night and to all those other noises that can really cancel a good and refreshing sleep.

Darren Mcandrews said...

“Ear plugs rock!” - I like that! Haha! Well, ear plugs really do amazing things. They may be small in size, but they serve a great purpose. You can read your favorite book, or focus on anything without being interrupted by loud noises. You can also sleep soundly at night. What's more, you can protect your hearing if and when you decide to attend a concert or any event with loud music. It's good to hear that you're loving your ear plugs.
Darren @ Ear Peace