Friday, April 20, 2007

Using Menu inside UpdatePanel

A previous post of mine detailed the list of ASP.Net controls that cannot be used with UpdatePanel and ASP.Net Ajax. Since I provided a fix for the validators earlier on, I've decided to try to fix the Menu, as well. And I did! At least for my problem which involved using a two level dynamic menu inside an UpdatePanel.
Here is the code:
function FixMenu() {
if (typeof(IsMenuFixed)!='undefined') return;
if (!window.Menu_HideItems) return;
window.Menu_HideItems=function(items) {
try {
} catch(ex)
if (items && {

Now all you have to do is load it at every page load:

Explanation: the error I got was something like "0.cells is null or not an object", so I looked a little in the javascript code, where there was something like " for(i = 0; i < rows[0].cells.length; i++) {" and rows[0] was null. All this in a function called Menu_HideItems.

Solution 1: Copy the entire function (pretty big) and add an extra check for rows[0]==null.

Solution 2: Hijack the function, put it in a Try/Catch block and put the bit of the original function that appeared after the error in the catch. That I did.


Anonymous said...

Works like a charm...thanks!


kusi said...

thanx a lot, just what i was looking for!

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Thanks man, just what I needed!

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Thanks a lot! :D

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If there were more guys like u...

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Thanks a lot man!! this really helps us...

Milad said...

Very nice, thanks for the info. It works.

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Thank you dude.. it works great for me :-).

anky said...

Thanks bro .....thanks a ton u reallly saved my job

Anonymous said...

Thanks. This was the best solution to the problem. All the others messed up my page events. Great Job!

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ok man I NEVER EVER post comments.

but you are a FUCKING GENIUS since you just solved a problem that cost me 10h already!


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MAnnnnnnnnnnnnnn You are Awessssssssssssommeeeeee

Siderite said...

Hey, please post new information in the comments! :)

Thank you! My only wish is that, when you find similar problems that I or anybody else has not fixed, find a fix yourself and post it somewhere where search engines can find it.