Saturday, May 19, 2007

AdSense for charity

People know me as the guy who won't put AdSense on his blog. I didn't do this before, because I don't believe in getting money for something that I would have done for free and I dislike the idea of people annoyed by ads.

However, it crossed my mind the other day that I could get some money and give it to charity. More than that, I could even use it in the charitable that I choose! Like teaching kids to use computer (or at least their brain).

So, I am asking you, dear readers, would you accept ads on my blog if you knew the money from your clicks go to a good cause? Please feel free to add a comment or use the chat to discuss it. Thank you!


Chuck said...

Your logic is terribly flawed here. Whose money do you think this is? Not yours, certainly. You've done nothing to earn it. And you have no right to steal it from advertisers who are trying to bring traffic to their sites or sell a product by encouraging people to cheat matter what you claim your ultimate goal to be. If you want to be charitable, earn the money yourself...honestly...and then make a donation. That is worthy of honor.

Siderite said...

You got me all wrong. I have no intention of stealing anyone, just to put AdSense on my blog and use the money for something worthwhile. I was just wondering (and asking you for an answer) if you consider this as worthwhile as I do.

Besides, there is already a common practice to click the links of blogs you found useful or interesting in order to repay the author. I don't have to ask for clicks at all and I won't.