Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cute and weird Kelli Dayton aka Kelli Ali

I've first noticed her while she was playing with Sneaker Pimps, making the soundtrack for The Saint (Val Kilmer version). She looked so interesting with her vibrato voice, weird teeth and Asian features. I've even downloaded the whole Sneaker Pimps discografy before I found out that she was with Sneaker Pimps only briefly.

Now I was listening to the remix version of Linkin Park's My December featuring Kelli Ali and I recognized the voice immediately, even if she was singing faintly in the background. So I thought I would share her with you. Below is the video I think makes her look best, even if you can find a lot of videos with her playing live either as herself , either with TigerMouth or with Japanese bands Buck-Tick or Dropz. Also some links to her site and the Wikipedia entry.


Official web site with texts written by Kelli herself
Main Myspace site
Another MySpace site
Wikipedia entry


Anonymous said...

Vive La Rock 'N' Roll baby.

I love Kelli Ali.

what a girl

you forgot her myspace page.

she updates there more often...

thanks for the love

spocintosh said...

Don't forget her awesome appearance in Bootsy Collins' video of "Play with Bootsy":