Monday, June 02, 2008

Korn - Falling Away from Me

I really like Korn, they are heavy, melodic and the lead singer is pretty unique. I haven't posted anything by them yet because I was a teenager when I was listening to them. I remembered loving the video for Falling Away from Me and wanted to share it with my bloggies :), but when I found it on YouTube and wanted to embed it I had the nasty surprise of seeing "Embedding disabled by request" instead of the embed code. See, they don't release the damn video on MTV anymore, since its too cool and old, but they don't want it anywhere else either unless you pay them. It's like musical hijacking!

Don't fret, though, the virus is out and there are a lot of sites filling the gap YouTube will leave when getting more "legal". One little request I have for you, guys, please let me know if there are images or videos missing from my blog because of this thing or something similar. So, here is the video from the DailyMotion site.