Friday, February 20, 2009

Leaving my job was the best thing I ever did

No, I didn't leave my current job. This is more or less a quote from some blog I read. Probably Jean Paul S. Boodhoo, but I couldn't find the reference when I looked for it.

Anyway, the gist of the article was that, even if he did enjoy his position, the guy chose to look further and expand his horizons and that, in the end, made him a better developer and a better person. Is that a general idea? Of course not. I am willing to bet that changing one's job more often leads to bad things than good, but in the end you try a few options and you get to some place you can live with.

And, well, I can't stop thinking about the beginning of my career when, even if I wasn't really doing a lot of programming, I was learning a lot by the simple fact of changing jobs. Usually, the first month is extraordinary as you learn new skills, you get to know new people and new methods of doing new things. After that you "get used" to the job, like a shoe on someone's foot. It can also get smelly pretty fast, as well.

Sure, having a new job every 8 months doesn't sound so good now, but the memory of that "living on the edge" feeling still lingers. And who knows? I may find something worthwhile just by looking over the fence. What do you guys think?


Preeti Edul said...

How many people are really willing to make an effort to find a great job? By the time one is 35 all they (and their spouse) want is job security and a stable income. I wonder how many people actually look for work that makes them really happy ! Just my 2 cents !

Siderite said...

How right you are, my friend! On the other hand, if not happiness, what is there for us to find? I've seen too many people working in order to improve their life and that very work making their life miserable.

I think it is an entire range of possible values of work satisfaction and a binary system would place me in the satisfied group. But it could be a lot better... and so many friends are in the bottom half... am I simply vane?