Saturday, May 16, 2009

the file name you specified is not valid or too long

I was installing a Visual Studio project made by a very cool team and, as they are very cool, it had this very complex folder structure for every little class and test and long names on the folder and so on and so on. Therefore, when trying to create a file on my Windows XP computer, the installer of the project failed with the strange error: 'the file name you specified is not valid or too long'.

I was under the impression that the path was no longer limited to 255 characters in Windows XP, but I was wrong. The MAX_PATH constant in Windows XP is 260. Everything over that causes an error unless specifically using a UNC formatted path (starting with \\?\). Weird huh?

Here is a technical description of the path concept in Windows: File Names, Paths, and Namespaces.
And here is the KB article with the "solutions": You cannot delete a file or a folder on an NTFS file system volume.


Anonymous said...

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Siderite said...

Hmm, I almost deleted this as spam, but then I noticed that you mention FAR on your site. You can't be a bad hacker, then! ;)

How about patching FAR Manager to allow for long paths? You would have my undying respect for that.

Neng Silvi said...

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garry dam said...

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