Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 debug freezes system after Visual Studio 2003 install

So I had this legacy project that I was supposed to work on and so I installed Visual Studio 2003. That is, over VS2005 and VS2008. From then on, every time I had a javascript error in Internet Explorer 8 and that "Do you want to debug" window appeared, if I clicked yes, the system would freeze. And I mean total freeze, not even the mouse would move.

After a few angry reboots I noticed that unchecking "Use the built-in debugger in Internet Explorer" checkbox would not freeze the system. Setting it back on would bring the problem back. So this is what I did:
  1. went to a page with a js error on it
  2. unchecked the setting so that the system would not freeze
  3. chose a debugger from the presented list (but not the default one)
  4. set it as default
From then on, my problems were gone.

In conclusion, I have no idea what caused the error, but this is how it was fixed. I hope it helps people in the same predicament as myself.


Jon Reedholm said...

Had the same error with another symptom that it you press F12 the JIT debugger doesn't appear, but is minimized on the task bar. Once that minimized window is maximized inline script errors can be debugged again without rebooting.

Frederik said...

I had the same problem [total system freeze] if I 'd choose 'Yes' to debug. There was no option to select another debugger [checkbox was greyed out as no VS / alternative debugger was installed].
But when I opened the 'Developer Tools' manually (F12) I also noticed the minimized problem. Once a maximize + close was executed on that window, the system no longer freezes on anwsering 'Yes' to the debug question.

Thanks to both of you! :-)