Sunday, March 07, 2010

Css LESS jQuery plugin

I've heard about LESS yesterday so I thought about how I would use it in my projects. Using a .NET http handler is just fine, but I was thinking of a simpler approach, so I created jQuery.cssLess, a jQuery plugin that reads the css and interprets it. You can find it at Github.

Current version supports variables, mixins and nested rules. I am wondering if it is even worth it to implement operations. It may bloat the plugin too much. What do you think?

Little did I know, someone else was trying a js centric approach to this. The project is called less.js and it's made by cloudhead. You can find it at GitHub.

If you are using LESS and decide to use jQuery.cssLess, please leave me a message about it and whatever your opinions are.


Андрей Шевчук said...

Could it be used as a complete replacement of official JavaScript version of LESS ( If so you should maybe host your version on GitHub, must become more popular as it is much smaller =]

Siderite said...

I think today I would do it in a different way. The official version is bloated, I agree, and for most situations my script should work ok, but once you want the advanced options of less you will need to completely replace my script, since it cannot be "fixed".

It is up to the individual developer if one uses this or the official version. I would guess that my version is more efficient for simple LESS, but the original is more efficient for the entire class of options.

If you use it, please tell me how it went. Thanks!