Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moving to Chrome

I am the kind of guy that uses a piece of software until he has a really good reason to change it. I don't try new stuff if I am satisfied with what I've got and I am all for second chances when mistakes are made. After all, I am not immune to the occasional error. However, from this day on I am fully switching from Internet Explorer to Chrome.

Wipe that smirk off your face, I happen to think that IE is a reasonable browser and, given the hypothetical situation where Google would have made their browser compatible with Internet Explorer rather than the standards, you would all curse at FireFox right now. Besides, this is not about the standards at all. Firefox is still not on my list of available choices. It is sluggish, pretentious and buggy.

The thing is that parameters have changed. I now use the browser to quickly get answers to questions or to open RSS feed blog articles. Before I was using it to make ASP.Net applications and web applications and I still think Internet Explorer 8 developer tools are nicer and easier to use than Firebug, not to mention the horrible confusing developer tools on Chrome. Now I am free (partially) of web development and I can rejoice. Also, sites were more compatible with IE than any "standard" browser and it is not the case any more.

The downloading window from Internet Explorer always made more sense to me: have an option of Open, Save and Cancel and do it in another process so you can close the windows that spawned the download. Then it opens or you just go to the file and use it, you know where you saved it. I think this is the only thing I will miss from Internet Explorer, though.

Let's summarise:
  • Chrome opens instantly, letting you write something in the address bar immediately and having autocomplete for search term as well as web addresses. Internet Explorer blocks the CPU for a second or two and, even if it lets you write something in the address bar, it hickups just so that what you wrote is truncated. Firefox is so keen to update every fucking extension that it takes forever to start. Yeah, I know, FF4 is way better. Not compared to Chrome it isn't.
  • Internet Explorer is supposed to support the new Silverlight wonder technology. Unfortunately, every single SL video I open is sluggish, blocks my mouse, doesn't respond to simple commands like Space to pause and arrows to skip and every Silverlight app is alower than their Flash counterpart. I've just wasted one hour today to uninstall with a special tool the older Silverlight version as the installer for the new one brutally stopped with a "generic error message". Well, screw that! I would rather download the videos and run them in a "generic" video player
  • Javascript: it works 8 times faster on Chrome that on Internet Explorer 8. I know they've just released Internet Explorer 9, but it won't work on Windows XP. I have an old computer, it works fine, I want a browser for it without buying a trillion dollar Windows 7 license. You can't provide it for me, Microsoft!
  • HTML5: it is supported in Chrome. If I ever want to start web dev again, I would go with that
  • Extensions: I am not a big fan of extensions as they slow the browser down. I do prioritize speed. However, I have AdBlock Plus installed on Chrome and I couldn't install it (even if I have tried emulating it) on Internet Explorer. Having no flashing nonsense on a page when I am reading the text on it is wonderful. Try it!

I could find even more reasons if I think about it longer. Like a long relationship going bad, you start noticing all the things you hated only after you break up, but break it up I do. So there it is, found me a new girlfriend and she is chrome shiny.


cornel said...

I also like Chrome because the bookmarks can be synced between computers using the Google account.

Siderite said...

Oh, and if anyone finds a way to make Chrome Ctrl-Tab to a tab, then back to the one it came from when pressing Ctrl-Tab again, like IE, it would be great.

Faisal said...

Somewhat I am not amused by Chrome interface. It's way too simple and misleading. Firefox is a better browser though