Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Passed the 70-516 exam

A shameful affair, this. I barely got 820 of 1000 for the Microsoft TS exam 70-516: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4. I could invoke my birthday and some other circumstances to motivate my low result, but let's face it: I could have done a lot better.

What I can tell you about the exam is that most of the questions regard Entity Framework, but also Linq to SQL, classic ADO.Net, WCF Data Services. There are a few questions regarding security and the Microsoft Sync Framework thrown for good measure, as well. Also, there is a .vce file on the net from 2010-07-29, by Carina, and, even if there is some overlap, those are mostly NOT the questions in the exam, while the .vce from 2011-12-09 by acarum is a fake.

As preparation materials I've used Julie Lerman's excellent book Programming Entity Framework Second Edition, which is a thorough and well written book, but kind of huge! Try to allocate at least a month to read through it. I'd really intended to make a post with MSDN resources for the exam, but I didn't have the time.

Onwards, comrades! The MCPD 70-518 exam awaits!


mbe said...


could you please tell me something about the exam? will there be only questions like at the others (70-515 for example) or will there be a practical part also?

Siderite said...

Neah, it's just a lot of stuff to read and process. A normal multiple answer test.

Rodelf said...

A Case study is being add, where you have a input of model conceptual model file, DB and group of classes and then answer Multiple choice questions for it.