Monday, February 24, 2014

How to automatically log in through Remote Desktop Connection when the admin disabled saving credentials

Well, sometimes an admin will try to make the system secure by annoying the people who have to use it. Yeah, that always works. My situation is that I have to login every day into a virtual machine that is on a "secure network". So after using a very restrictive password policy that forces everybody to be creative in the way they write "password" and "123456", he also disallowed the saving credentials in Remote Desktop Connection. So every day I have to enter the damn complicated password. I couldn't have that. Here is a .js script that you execute with WScript and it logs you in automatically:
var shell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell");
shell.Run("mstsc /v:[remote server] /console");
while (!shell.AppActivate("Windows Security")) {

Save this into a Javascript file and replace [remove server] and [password] with your settings and either double click the .js file or create a batch file like this:
@echo off
start "Auto log on!" wscript c:\Batches\autologin.js

Of course, this means your secure password will be stored in a stupid text file somewhere, so be warned.